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Meet Thadious, the Littlest Plague Doctor, who is definitely not a vampire. The Littlest Plague Doctor is a charming fellow who just wants you to stay safe and happy, and perhaps a bit morbid if you're in the mood. Adopt him today and enjoy having him with you forever. He'd like to brighten your day and hopefully make things just a little bit better for you. So put Thadious on a jacket or backpack or whatever you would like and let him keep you company as you make your way through the world.
The Littlest Plague Doctor patch is from an original hand-drawn and painted work of art by award-winning artist John K Snyder III. The patch is embroidered with satin stitching, made from the finest materials, with an iron-on backing.
Size 1.94 width 3.5 height

Littlest Plague Dr. Patch (Thadious)

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